Night Dress or nightgown is a kind of nightwear. We sell it for girls, women, and ladies from our online shop at a low price in Bangladesh.

About Our Night Dress Shop

We sell the only selective item in our shop. Our collection is choosable. Most of the feature, we have described in the product page.
Manohari is a lady’s shop for undergarments online shop & store in Bangladesh. We also sell the bra, panties, lingerie, underwear for women, bikinis, and borka and many more items. Manohari is a great place to do online Shopping in BD for undergarments products.

Tips before buying a cloth

Most of the cloth made of cotton. There are verities of cotton in the market. So confirm the types of cotton. Is this cotton, silk, satin, or nylon. These nightwears mainly use before going to bed or sleep.

Nightgown Categories

There are many types of nightgown in the market. There are mainly divided into two parts. These are 2 parts and 3 part nighty. Others by name:-

  • Honeymoon Nightdress
  • Romantic Nightdress
  • Pure Cotton Nightdress
  • Half Sleeveless
  • Baby Doll

Before buying a nighty, first, select the size. Size depends on three things. These are height, waist length, and bust size. Mainly Bangladeshi women height start from 5 feet to 5.6 feet. So the customer should know the right size.

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